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FLURO® products are used in a wide variety of industries. As a full range supplier in the field of Spherical Plain Bearings and Rod Ends, we score high marks with robust, long lasting quality products for the highest demands, tailor-made special solutions for individual customer requirements and very short delivery times for common sizes. Our customers benefit - across all industries - from our many years of know-how, our flexibility and high reliability.

The diverse application possibilities of the product portfolio are reflected in the following industry overview (excerpt):


Agricultural engineering, agricultural technology, agriculture


Plant engineering, plant construction, systems engineering


Assembly manufacturer, assemblies, components


Construction machinery, construction machines, excavators


Chemical industry, chemicals, chemistry


Electrical industry, electronics, electronics assembly


Energy industry, power industry, electricity supply


Vehicles, motorcycles, automotive


Conveyor technology, lifting technology, materials handling


Retail, trading, logistics, commerce


Food industry, food processing, food sector


Aviation, aerospace, air traffic, airplane, aircraft


Mechanical engineering, machinery, construction


Medical technology, medical engineering, clean room, sterility


Motor sport, racing, race car, racing vehicle


Musical instruments, wind instruments, tuba


Utility vehicles, commercial vehicles, trucks, heavy goods vehicles


Robotics, automation, robotic technology


Railway vehicles, rail vehicles, trains, railroad


Shipbuilding, ship construction, boat building, boats, yachts


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