April 2024

FLURO invites international dealers to Rosenfeld


Connect – hold – move.

Create valuable connections – guarantee a secure support – move towards each other.

This is how our 2-day, international event “Business meets FLURO” can be aptly summarized. Distributors “all around the world” accepted the exclusive invitation to Rosenfeld in order to gain a deeper understanding of our corporate policy and to immerse themselves holistically in the “FLURO” brand.

The enriching exchange with our trading partners exceeded all our expectations. A sustainably strengthened distributor network is essential in order to be able to cover the diverse needs of our customers globally. We would like to thank all participating partners and are already looking forward to continuing the event series.


Business meets FLURO


June 2023

HÖHN celebrates its 50th anniversary


Höhn GmbH is launched
In 2023, Martin Höhn GmbH in Rosenfeld, Germany has been asserting itself on the high-quality, precision parts market for half a century. Hats off! Many people had a hand in this success. Martin Höhn kicked it all off in 1973. The butcher by trade, retrained as a toolmaker, was thirsty for action. One thing already became clear to him during his retraining: He wanted to get something of his own going. Chance did the rest. A company offered its precision parts production for sale in the local newspaper “Schwarzwälder Bote”. Martin Höhn went for it. He got support from his brother, Ernst Höhn, a qualified mechanic. The two brothers who grew up on a farm in Isingen got down to business. The Höhn GmbH started up in the garage of the house of Martin Höhn and his wife Friedhilde in Trichtingen. Their son Reiner was three, their daughter Marion just one year old. Friedhilde Höhn played an active part from the start; the children grew up in and with the company. Ernst Höhn’s wife Irene also belonged to the core workforce.

A garden shed as an office
In the beginning, shaft protection sleeves were the main source of revenue. Their major customer, the pump specialist KSB in Frankenthal, Palatinate, was more than satisfied. More and more customers came on board. Because Martin Höhn was also an exceptionally gifted salesman. Together with his wife Friedhilde, he travelled across Europe and acquired new customers whilst grandma looked after the children at home and brother Ernst and his wife Irene reliably held the fort in production. The company grew and grew. There was no longer enough room for them in the garage plus laundry room in Trichtingen. Now the sheds and stables on the parents’ farm in Isingen became part of the show. They were soon turned into production sites. Another family member, Friedhilde Höhn’s brother-in-law Herbert Faupel, joined them as the first office employee. His work place: a garden shed. A devoted guest was little Marion; it was cosy here. Company and family were inseparable. Even the family’s Sunday day trips always had KSB in Frankenthal as the first port of call to deliver precision parts there on time. After that, it was family time. Marion and Reiner thoroughly enjoyed it. Later, as they got older, they worked in the company at weekends and during the school holidays. The family business – a lifestyle in the best sense of the word.

The FLURO-Gelenklager GmbH is added
First-class precision parts made of high-quality steels, especially stainless steel, turning, milling, grinding and assembling according to drawings provided by the customer - that was the key competence of the Martin Höhn GmbH. Wouldn’t an own product portfolio be useful in addition to the contract manufacturing? This was what Martin Höhn was thinking. In 1976 he founded the FLURO-Gelenklager GmbH. Here, they developed their own product range with spherical bearings and joint heads. Martin Höhn now had two business divisions: Production of drawing parts plus production of spherical bearings and joint heads as well as special solutions. Strategically smart.

Making an impact in the branch and on the world market
Martin Höhn expanded the production, used synergies of both business sectors and pushed sales forward. Always under the motto: “We don’t have problems, we solve them.” The company flourished. The farm became too small and the Siemensstrasse on the Rosenfeld industrial estate became the new company headquarters of the Martin Höhn and FLURO-Gelenklager GmbH in 1981. An ideal location, continuously developed over the following decades: in terms of building, production technology, products and personnel. More and more CNC machines replaced the old lathes; the new Quality Assurance department guaranteed highest quality standards. DIN EN ISO 9001 certification followed in 1997. With a staff of fifty people in the meantime, the company had made a name for itself on the world market.

Also on board, the second generation
Together with the family business, the children also grew up and completed their training. Marion as a bank business management assistant and Reiner as a toolmaker and industrial master tradesman. For him, one thing had always been clear: Fascinated by technology, he wanted to work for the company. After completing his military service, he first moved further afield. He worked for an American company in El Paso, Mexico. A terrific time. And in all those years he was always a part of the family business. He initiated innovations, developed a new series for FLURO and acted as a consultant, from El Paso by computer and fax. In the summer of 1997, he returned, graduated in Business Administration and became a co-partner of FLURO-Gelenklager and Martin Höhn GmbH whilst still studying. On the 1st of October 1999 he finally joined the family business full-time.

Customers in the anniversary year High-end branches all over the globe
The first and second generations work hand in hand. Reiner Höhn took over product development, technical sales and expanded the portfolio of FLURO-Gelenklager GmbH: In addition to the production of standard parts, he developed special requirement-based solutions for customers. Today, half of the products at FLURO are special parts because the world-wide demand is increasing rapidly. And what’s more, FLURO means “one-stop shopping”, that is state-of-the-art logistics included. That also applies for the Martin Höhn GmbH, by the way, which still focusses on drawing parts for customers in Germany and Europe. HÖHN and FLURO – a crisis-proof combination. Since 2014, Reiner Höhn has been the sole executive partner of FLURO-Gelenklager and Martin Höhn GmbH, assisted in the company by his wife Daniela and in marketing by his sister Marion Brodbeck.

In the anniversary year of 2023, an area of 11,600 square metres is built up with state-of-the-art production and logistics halls and modern office buildings in the Siemensstrasse in Rosenfeld. 170 people work for the corporate group. Digitalisation, process optimisation and product development are state-of-the-art. Stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy and plastics are processed. High-end branches all across the globe appreciate the know-how and precision of the Martin Höhn GmbH and FLURO-Gelenklager GmbH. The order books for 2023 are fuller than ever before. As if that was no reason to celebrate...


Company founder Martin Höhn with son Reiner Höhn.


December 2022

30 celebrants mark 485 years’ service to the company


FLURO-Gelenklager & Martin Höhn GmbH congratulates 30 members of staff for their long service to the business

Necati Sahin has now been a loyal employee to the company for 30 years and would like to continue to contribute to the company’s success in the following years. Silke Seemann has already been playing a part in our corporate activities for 25 years, making her mark on some milestones in our group of companies over this timespan.

FLURO-Gelenklager & Martin Höhn GmbH is also able to toast the following employees reaching milestones this year: Vitali Ackermann, Michael Brosi, Natalija Grässle, Daniela Höhn, Christina Kessler, Viktor Lautenschleger, Haluk Namazci, Stefan Ott and Ursula Spanner. Their 20 years’ commendable and loyal commitment are being honoured.

The following are able to reflect on 15 years’ service to the company: Marion Brodbeck, Natalia Dergilev, Eugen Kelarew, Sergej Kirjan, Roman König, Markus Lörch, Regina Niesler, Maviye Uysal, Arnold Viehbeck, Heinrich Vogel, Lilia Vogel and Viktor Vogel.

Alois Frommer, Gebhard Hölsch, Wolfgang Knöpfle, Michael Kulinitsch, Sandor Schneider, Gabriele Siegel and Heidrun Supper have now each been a part of the Rosenfeld team for a decade.

“Loyal and committed employees are tremendously valuable to us particularly in these fast-moving times, as they are able to harness their many years of professional experience and combined expertise. Each of our honoured employees has made a decisive contribution to the company’s success over the years,” Managing Director Reiner Höhn says, as he reflects on the assembled staff’s efforts and looks on them with pride.



July 2022

Invitation to bauma 2022 in Munich


After a break due to corona, the bauma trade fair will open its doors again in 2022 - from October 24 - 30 in Munich.

The world's leading trade fair bauma offers a huge platform for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines as well as construction vehicles and construction equipment.
We are pleased to be able to present ourselves as a spherical plain bearing specialist, as we did in 2019.

You are invited to visit us in hall A5 at booth 209. We are looking forward to your visit.


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