Well thought-out production planning and intelligent goods logistics

The new central warehouse consists of a pallet high-bay warehouse with 1,289 spaces and a small parts warehouse with 7,500 cassettes. The pallet warehouse serves among other things the storage of finished large series for customers and the storage of blanks, semi-finished parts and merchandise. In the small parts warehouse, small quantities can be called up for daily processing and delivery.

They are closed systems that automatically carry out incoming and outgoing goods in order to provide semi-finished and finished parts at picking stations for processing or assembly or for dispatch. The removal (according to the "first-in-first-out" principle), the distribution and the goods transport of the parts according to the production order or customer order are also carried out by automatic control. Thanks to modern handling, e.g. by using a pick-to-light-system, we are able to deliver the items very quickly. An area for our labeling and packaging technology is integrated. We offer inkjet and laser lettering as well as product lettering using needle embossing technology.

There are clear advantages for the customer: A full transparency of the material flow enables us to inform our customers of the current production status at any time and immediately. Ordering catalog goods that are in stock can be taken within 30 minutes and made ready for dispatch. The order confirmation is issued immediately, the error rate when picking is significantly reduced and traceability is guaranteed, among other things, by batch separation. Orders received by 4 p.m. will be processed and delivered the same day. Contract manufacturing takes less time because the raw materials are quickly and directly led to the processing and assembly lines, the use of which is coordinated by an intelligent planning system.
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