Rod Ends

Spherical plain bearings

Hydraulic rod ends

Angle Joints

Locking Nuts
Fork Heads/Fork Ball Joints

Rod Ends

Spherical Plain Bearings

Hydraulic Rod Ends

Angle Joints
Locking Nuts
Fork Heads/Fork Ball Joints

The FLURO production program includes Rod Ends and Spherical Plain Bearings Series E and K to DIN ISO 12240 (Spherical Plain Bearings DIN ISO 12240-1, Rod Ends DIN ISO 12240-4).

For different application situations parts requiring lubrication or maintenance free versions are offered, as well as different materials are available.

Rod Ends and Spherical Plain Bearings guarantee the unproblematic function, even there, where they are exposed to a high or continuous load. The question which parts should be used and when they should be replaced is of importance.

As selection criteria, the application demand and the loads which are applied on the bearing, such as: tilting angle, strength, surface pressure, pull and push force, internal play, way of connection etc. are important. The more detailed the application and environmental conditions, such as temperature changes, vibration, contact with water, salt, acids etc. are specified, the more an unproblematic function can be guaranteeed. Determined are the condition, the optimal adjustment and the regular operation.

FLURO supports customers when deciding between maintenance free or regreasable Rod Ends, the choice of material and the surface treatment condition as well as presetting. The aim is to achieve the highest possible life and operation time.

In case Rod Ends and Spherical Plain Bearings with standard measurements can not be installed, we offer special parts to customer design, or we offer our own design according to customer requirements and demand. We also help to solve application problems.

For the production of high precision turned and milled parts we recommend the modern production plant of company Martin Höhn GmbH. On request we can send you their list of production machinery.

FLURO products in 3D

All our products are available as 3D models for technical drawings under CADENAS.

Rod Ends
and Spherical Plain Bearings Series E and K to DIN ISO 12240 (Spherical Plain Bearings DIN ISO 12240-1, Rod Ends DIN ISO 12240-4)

-  maintenance free
-  steel on steel
-  stainless
-  with lubrication fittings
-  completely stainless
-  with seals
-  with threaded bolt
-  with CETOP dimensions for pneumatic cylinders

Rod Ends and Spherical Plain Bearings with inch dimensions on request
-  with lubrication fittings
-  maintenance free

Hydraulic Rod Ends
-  with female thread, cracked, with jam nuts
-  with weldable end for cylinder bodies and piston rods
-  specials on request

Special Rod Ends and special Spherical Plain Bearings
-  made from special materials
-  with special measurements
-  production according to customer's drawing

Locking Nuts in all available threads
-  right and left hand thread
-  also available in stainless steel

Rubber Protector Caps for Rod Ends
-  made from Neoprene
-  resistant to oil, grease and chemical components
-  temperature range from -20° til +120° Celsius or -4° till +248° Fahrenheit

Precision parts turned and milled to customer's drawing
-  individual parts and assemblies in small batches to customer's drawing
-  precision items produced from all materials capable of being machined
-  please request brochure and machine list
-  mounting of assembled components